We are Shatsu (from Japanese Tシャツ, translated as T-Shirt), a company whose primary purpose is to help designers from all walks of life make money from their designs. Apart from that, we also exist to help our clients get amazing t-shirts that are designed by some of the most creative designers for max visual appeal.

One thing we understand is that as a designer, making money from your designs can sometimes seem like a really long road that can be almost impossible to navigate. We also know that for you to grow your craft, you need to be thoroughly invested in it by devoting the largest chunk of your time to it. This is why we made this platform. The purpose of the platform is to simply help free you from processes such as marketing, sales and pitching so that you can focus only on creating amazing designs that can be purchased by anyone from anywhere around the world.

Why you should work with us?

Designs are valuable intellectual property and they take hours to create. As such, you might be asking why you should consider working with us instead of taking the presumably safer route of making your own designs and selling off the merchandise by yourself. Well, here are some our qualities and the main reasons why you should work with us.

1. Convenience

As said above, our main goal is to help you make money from your designs with ease. We handle the business process such as sales, administration and marketing giving you more time and space to fully explore your creativity so that you can continue creating amazing designs.

2. Trust

We are brand that was founded on a message of trust and honest and as such, we strive to do all we can to always be trustworthy with both our clients and designers so that in the ends, things can flow smoothly. And we also know that for you to have confidence in us, you need to be able to truly trust us which explains why we go above board to always be a reliable company.

3. Earnings

As has been said, the main reason why our company exists is to help designers from all walks of life to make money from their designs. If you have been cracking your head trying to search for solutions on how you can earn from your talent, then our service will prove to be really useful as it is the answer you’ve been looking for.